About Us

Welcome to ResurWRECKED Media! We celebrate branded title vehicles and the people who rebuild and sell them! With 30 years in the national television and publishing industry, our team of media executives, producers and writers are hard at work launching, broadcasting, podcasting and publishing the good news surrounding the amazing people and organizations in the rapidly growing world of salvage, rebuilding and selling of branded title vehicles!

The segment of the automotive industry that encompasses the Salvage, Rebuilder and Branded title industry is surrounded by misinformation and ignorance. Our team of national media pros is quite possibly the biggest fans in the world of rebuilt vehicles, and we have now dedicated our careers to building high-level media platforms to celebrate the entire industry and the amazing people who make it so epic!


SVP Advocacy/Founder



Troy is an avid branded title vehicle enthusiast. When he found how unfairly this industry was represented online, he decided to take action against it. He's dedicated himself to showing the world what a great buy branded title vehicles are!


Head Evangelist/Founder

Luke is an expert in the Branded  Title Vehicle Arena. He is the founder and CEO of the hugely successful branded title dealership, Auto Source, as well as the President of Stateline Speedway Event Center. 


Marketing Coordinator


Digital Brand Manager


ResurWRECKED Media was founded by Troy Dunn "The Locator" who has been a fanatic about branded title vehicles for years! Once he started the business, he realized he would need the industry experience from Luke Kjar, the founder of Autosource (the largest branded title dealership in the country). 


ResurWRECKED Media started as a conversation among friends. Troy had finally taken his obsession with branded title vehicles to the next level by becoming a spokesperson for a nationally renowned company. During that time, he became good friends with his now co-founder, Luke Kjar. 

Upon getting to know Luke better, Troy asked why it seemed that the internet only had negative things to say about branded title vehicles. Luke responded that it was because no one had started something to specifically combat the droves of terrible misinformation out there. 

It was that moment that Troy realized he had to take action. Using his passion for branded title vehicles and expertise in the media field, he set forth to recruit an all-star team to help him on his quest.

ResurWRECKED Media has launched a Podcast, Blog, Social Media, and a new Marketplace all dedicated to Branded Title Vehicles. The team has plans to host a Branded Title Car Show this year, start a TV series, launch a magazine, and so much more. 


We hope you'll join us on this mission to support the Branded Title Vehicle industry and correct all the misinformation that plagues the internet!