This is Resurwrecked Radio! Celebrating the hottest salvage cars! Meeting the Rebuilders performing automotive MIRACLES! Discovering the coolest branded title cars in America! From the vintage classics of the past to the exotic super cars of today, we cover it all! Hosted by "The Locator" Troy Dunn & Luke Kjar, founder of AutoSource

2020 Episodes

WARNING: Tesla does NOT want you to hear this podcast!  Rich Benoit reveals to Troy and Luke the secrets of his battle to rebuild a Tesla, and how he went from IT guru to YouTube star!  Raw and Unfiltered.  The #1 Podcast in the world celebrating salvage and rebuilt vehicles and the people who dare to RESURWRECKED!  

Meet Roman and Oleg, the stars of the Youtube channel, "Auto Rebuilds Garage". These two salvage-fanatics immigrated to the U.S. as children, grew up in a family of rebuilders, and are now building their own version of the American Dream as they pursue life as rebuilders! They share the ups and downs of this adventure with Troy & Luke, and discuss their random rebuilds of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and even big rig trucks! 

Troy & Luke reveal some of the nightmares of auto auction car buying, and special guest Mike Lambert, founder of, shares the tips and tricks that will protect you when bidding on your next rebuild project!